Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3 of Living Green

Top o'the mornin Green Pioneers!

Today is Day 3 of both Project Green Challenge and my Car-less pledge!!  Here are some updates....

Project Green Challenge:
PGC has got off to a great start!  Those of us participating for USM are getting recognition and I even won one of the prizes for the Day 1 challenge.  For those of you participating, please send me some of your challenges so I can post them on here and our facebook page :)  Today's challenges are about labels, and so far I'm actually learning a lot, especially about labels that I'd like to start looking for!  Although, we are limited here in Hattiesburg since we do not have any green grocers, but maybe we can change that!

Here is the Pinterest Board I made yesterday for the GREENEST challenge:

Car-less Pledge:

For those of you who don't know, myself and a few other members of our group have taken a car-less pledge this month, or at least we are TRYING, which is all you can ask for right??  So far we are three days in and I have only drove my car once (to yoga!) and we carpooled.  I have biked a total of ten miles and I am going to keep track of all my biking miles and at the end of them month calculate ow much I saved on gas and the amount of fuel emissions I avoided.  We will be presenting the results of this month's pledge at our meeting in November and we'll see who wants to take the pledge next month.

Next Meeting:
We will be having our second meeting for the semester next week!! I have not chosen the exact day and time, but I will keep everyone posted.  I can't wait to get started on some of our projects and to see everyone's progress with PGC.  See you all soon!

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