Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Thanks to the Tornado....

So the tornado that recently hit Hattiesburg was a terrible thing.  Many people lost their homes and we lost so many trees!  For the last two months I have been seeing nothing by chopped up pine trees at the curb of almost every house in my neighborhood.  As I was examining one such pile the other day, I noticed how some of the stumps were so perfectly round and a good height to be a nice table or stand.  So I decided to take one.  It was incredibly heavy so I had to roll it down the street to my house.  But once I got it there I got to work!  The first thing I had to do was carve off all of the bark to get down to the fresh wood.  This was surprisingly easy and it felt good to carve at something......no joke, carving off that bark made me feel really good ( maybe I don't like trees as much as I thought I did!):

 Next, I knew I needed to apply some type of protective coating to the wood, so I went over to Lowes and the nice guys in the paint section helped me find some cheap, non-toxic coating.  I also found a way to re-use my orange juice bottle....perfect container for painting!

 Once I coated the wood I decided to paint it!  I got this paint from the "oops paint" at Lowes (only $10!)
Anyways, now I have a nice little stand to put my herb plants on!  I think these would also make great gifts!  The house down the street from me has about 100 more of these so I have my work cut out for me.  But I invite all my local hattiesburgians to go grab one of the thousands of tree stumps lying around from the tornado and make it into something useful! Good Luck!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Media Converage: PGC College Road Tour

Getting some publicity!!!

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