Sunday, October 7, 2012


Attention Sustainability Advocates!

We will be having our second meeting THIS WEEK before everyone leaves for Fall Break.  The meeting will be held Tuesday night at 6:00 PM in the Polymer Science Building Room 105 (That's PSRC 105).  If you need help finding the room please contact me via e-mail at We will go over some new updates, our progress with project green challenge, and possibly participating in the Halloween Fair :)

Project green challenge is going great!  USM is actually ranked in the leader board so nice work advocates :)  I've one two of the prize packages so far and they are awesome.  So far USM has been mentioned on the PGC social media six times! This is awesome! Let's keep up the good work and keep getting points!

Also, I am going on Day 7 of my car-less (almost) pledge.  Here is my mileage so far:

Biking: 37.2 Miles
Driving:  36.6 Miles (All carpooling!)

So far I am about even....and as for my experience so far.  The only time it's difficult is when I really want to bike somewhere at night....but I worry about my safety.  Also, while riding on fourth street near campus the other day (right where it's 15 mph) someone yelled at me to get on the sidewalk.  I have also been honked at a few times.  But, all in all, I'd say it's not too hard! And then weather has been great!  And for those of you out there in mississippi that think I'm crazy, here's a little something for you....

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