Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Project Green Challenge

Hello Advocates!!

I have exciting news! This year USM will officially be participating in....
 Project Green Challenge!!

This is a 30-day challenge where teams from schools all over the world will complete "green" challenges on a daily basis, document their progress via video, and post the videos onto their teams page.  I think most of the challenges will be easily accomplished and the grand prizes are pretty awesome! This will also be a first for USM and I think this will be a great push for our group to get ourselves out there.

Now, I understand everyone is very busy (including myself) but if you think you can manage being a part of this and are serious about participating then we will be having a short info session meeting this Friday at 12:15 PM.  I tried to get a classroom reserved, but it was too short notice.  So I figured, it's going to be a lovely day out, so lets just meet outside and have a picnic lunch meeting! I was thinking we could meet in shoemaker square, the grassy area next to Cook library near the fountain.  Like I said, if you are interested in participating (and I hope you are!) then we will be meeting THIS FRIDAY at 12:15 PM on the open grassy area next to cook library.  SO bring a blanket and a lunch and I hope to see you guys there!

If you would like to read a bit more about the challenge and the program check out their website:

I'm excited about this and I hope you guys are too!! Remember the Lorax!!

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